14: Give Notice

14: Give Notice

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Welcome to episode 14 of The Creative Joyride! In this week’s episode, I talk about an idea that I was introduced to through YouTube videos. The idea that there will come a time when we need to stop asking for permission to step into our greatness and instead give notice that we are going to. Looking for outside approval will only allow us to get so far. We need to look within and take it upon ourselves to move forward into everything that is meant for us.

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The lengthy bit of text beneath the photo of the week is just a rough transcript of the podcast. Don’t worry about reading all of that unless you absolutely want to. I promise you won’t be missing out on anything. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Forget Me Not | Fort Collins, CO

– Transcript –

Hello, my friend! Welcome back to another episode of The Creative Joyride. Thank you for joining me today. Here’s your friendly reminder to subscribe if you haven’t already.

Today I wanted to share a message from a YouTube rabbit hole I fell down the other day. It’s the idea of no longer asking for permission, but instead giving notice. I had first learned of this idea from speaker, author, and transformation coach, Lisa Nichols. I fell down her video rabbit hole and ended up watching and listening to many of her speeches she gave at conferences and interviews she had done.

A recurring topic was that of a shift she made. She decided to take her life back into her own hands. Removing the power that she had been giving to other people. Taking that back and making the decision that she was going to show up and show out. That she would no longer ask for permission for her to be great, but that she was going to give Notice that her greatness was about to come through. That she was going to show up her full authentic self.

Being the humans that we are, we have tendencies. Some may tend to be overdramatic. Others blow things out of proportion. Some tend to succeed at whatever they set out to do, and some tend to hurt the ones they care about by accident. We don’t always actively set out to bring about those things that tend to happen.

I say all that to say that some of us tend to seek approval from others before following through on our decisions. Be it from peers, family, friends, coworkers, or leaders in our faith. People other than ourselves. We seek their approval of our decision before we follow through on it.

Now, I don’t want that to be confused with seeking out counsel or advice to make a decision. I fully support that. I seek out information and advice for nearly every decision that I make. It’s never a bad idea to have a well-rounded view of a situation or circumstance before making a decision.

I’m saying that our tendency is to, after we have made our decision, seek out external approval for it. Validation that it is in fact the right decision. And only after validation,  moving forward with the decision. Often not even realizing that we are doing it. Putting too much weight on someone else’s opinion.

My takeaway from that phrase by Lisa Nichols was that there comes a point in life where you need to take your life and your decisions back into your own hands.

We are all walking down our own paths, so that time may be different for each of us. But when it comes, saying “ You know what? Now is the time to do what’s best for me to step fully into who I am called to be, with or without the approval of others.

Your path is yours. Don’t let the thoughts or opinions of others hold you back from getting everything that is meant for you. From doing things that you know deep down you are meant to do, and from being the person you know you are inside.

Have the boldness to allow your ideas to flourish. Sometimes, people won’t be able to fully celebrate your ideas until they can see them in their fullness. So don’t let a lack of support deter or discourage you. Follow that vision you have and the right people will get on board at the right times.

It’s like I mentioned I. The previous episode. Resonance. When you operate where you want to be and are meant to be, you will attract those things and those people that are meant for you at that stage.

So I want to encourage you. Encourage you to step into who you are meant to be. To show up every day your full and authentic self. To seek out advice when you want it, but to not let the opinions of others stop you from following through on decisions that you know deep down are best for you.

No longer ask permission to be brilliant. To be yourself. To let your light shine at its full brightness. Set the stage for the future that you want to have. Give Notice that you are pursuing your dream. That you are drenched in excellence and can’t help it if it splashes around. Let them know, “Hey, you might want to grab your sunglasses. Because the energy that I exude, the light that I give off, it can be blinding it’s so bright. And no, I won’t bring it down a notch. Because there is someone out there that needs to see me in my fullness so that they can be inspired to live into their fullness.

Now I may have gotten a touch carried away, but it’s because I’m so invested in the message. Now don’t go getting a big head or being arrogant or anything. But know what you bring to the table. Trust who you are. And understand that there may be people looking to you as an example of what is possible for them.

If no one ever sees you in your fullness, they may not feel that they can step into theirs.

So moving forward let’s inspire those around us by living in our fullness. Encourage them to live their truth. And work together to create the life that we were born to lead.

Thank you so much for joining me today you can always connect with us through direct messaging on social media, send us an email to dillon@thecreativejoyride.com, or through the contact page of our website. I hope you enjoyed the episode and gained something from the message. Be sure to share it with the people in your life that could use it. You can check out the episode pages on our website to see the photos of the week. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already, and l catch you back next time.

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