13: Just Be You

13: Just Be You

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to episode 13 of The Creative Joyride! In this episode, I offer a bit of encouragement. Encouragement to just be you. We can often feel pressure to only present part of ourselves to the world because of the potential for rejection or being perceived in a negative light. But we are all uniquely made with gifts and talents that only we can share. Don’t allow others to influence how you decide to show up in the world.

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The lengthy bit of text beneath the photo of the week is just a rough transcript of the podcast. Don’t worry about reading all of that unless you absolutely want to. I promise you won’t be missing out on anything. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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– Transcript –

Hello, my friend! Welcome back to another episode of The Creative Joyride. Thank you so much for joining me today. If you have yet to do so, go ahead and subscribe so that you don’t miss any future episodes. Also, be sure to share episodes with the people in your life that could its message. It’s a way to both help support the podcast and your friends and family. I share things with my boyfriend all the time and it will often give him new perspectives, shift his mindset, and actually turn out to be just what he needed in that moment. So don’t underestimate the power of a simple share.

Moving right along, I wanted to offer you today some encouragement. Encouragement to just be you. To show up every day to each situation as your full authentic self. That person that you Re when nobody’s watching. The one that you know yourself to be.

I feel like there’s often a pressure to present only one facet of ourselves or our personality. Because either who we’re interacting with will have a negative perception of us, or because of a fear of our true selves being rejected.

I was watching a video the other day and the speaker defined fear as false evidence appearing real. So often, we filter ourselves or hold ourselves back from pursuing what we want out of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear that it won’t work out the way we hope. But we also don’t usually have evidence to support those thoughts. We’re projecting those scenarios onto the future as though they are set in stone when there’s really no true reason to believe that they will be the actual outcome.

Don’t let fear run rapidly through the streets of your mind. Could something not work out? Absolutely. And if it doesn’t, you will more often than not have the ability to try a different approach. But you should really look at your track record. If you typically don’t fail at your ventures, then why would you assume that it won’t work out. If you’re an awesometastic person that people tend to love to be around, why would you fear someone rejecting you?

Look, I’m not saying that things will always go your way or that it will be hunky-dory all the time. Because it just won’t. But usually shouldn’t let fear of those u desired outcomes Hold you back. Especially if they don’t even align with your track record.

You should feel comfortable and eager to pursue the thing you want and to be who you are.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that most people want to be liked by others, or at least be perceived in a positive way. Especially those of us that have the subconscious people eager lurking beneath the surface. And because of that, we can convince ourselves to show up as less of ourselves. Only presenting what may be deemed appropriate by the other person. Showing up as someone that we know they can and will like.

I THINK Lisa Nichols puts it well. She uses light as a metaphor. She would say that she used to show up to events and other situations and turn down her light. Because she didn’t want it to be too strong for people to handle. To show up as more than they were ready for. More than they were prepared for. Lessening herself. Presenting only a portion. So that she could be well received by those in the room. But now, she says she shows up full and whole. Letting get light shine bright. And those that can’t or won’t accept that are not meant to be in her sphere at that time.

She posted on Instagram the other day with a caption that said

Let the room meet your greatness. Step into the next room and give the world the best version of you. Let your light shine. Because when you let your light shine, it can lighten up a dark moment for someone else. Because when you let your light shine, you inspire those in your presence to be a better woman or man, simply because it feels good to be in your presence.

I think that’s such an important message. Interacting with the full, authentic you may be just what someone needs to inspire growth and transformation in them. Don’t feel pressured to lessen yourself or shrink down to the level of someone else to keep them comfortable. Be your full self and challenge them to ride and grow to the level that you are at.

We can feel like we’re too much when we recognize that others lack attributes that we have. But don’t let that cause you to be small.  Encourage those people to grow with you. And I’d they decide not to. That’s their decision. But don’t let their decision to remain stagnant stop your pursuit of growth. Continue to show up in your fullness because it’s what you deserve. Because that’s your decision.

You were created to be uniquely you. Don’t allow others to influence how you choose to show up in the world.

Let your light shine at the brightness that you are. You don’t need to dull it for anyone. And the people that try just weren’t meant for this season.

In that video I watched the other day, he spoke about resonance and said that we don’t necessarily attract what we want, but what is meant for us according to who we are.

So ad you Continue to step onto who you truly are and who you are meant to be, those people and those things that are meant for you, those things operating on your frequency will begin to come to you.

So at the end of the day, when all is said and done, just be you. I want to thank you again for listening. I hope that something shared today is helpful to you. Remember to share the episode with anyone in your life that could use the message. Check out the episode pages for the different photos of the week. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll catch you back next time.

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